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May Edition: Sample Alerts, Database Integrations, Community Highlights & More

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The digital world never stands still, and neither do we. At Resmo, we believe that every month is a fresh canvas, a new opportunity to push boundaries, reimagine possibilities, and reinforce our commitment to your digital security.

As we hit the pause button to catch our breath and reflect on the past month, we're thrilled to bring you the Resmo Monthly Roundup.

"Cybersecurity is like a puzzle where hackers try to find the missing piece. Our job is to change the puzzle every day and watch them scratch their heads."

Product updates

sample security alerts

Sample alerts

Resmo's new ready-made sample alerts make it easy for you to set up alerts based on pre-defined conditions. This way, you'll always know right away when there are important changes, whether they're about visibility, security events, or other changes. You’ve got it all under control. Learn more.

Improved integration flow

new Resmo integration flow

Your integration process is upgraded with a few awesome touches. These include integration grouping based on category, integration detail modals with new tabs like Queries and Rules, and last but not least, a simplified new way to create integrations. Learn more.

Resmo is on AWS Marketplace

Great news for AWS users! Resmo is now up and ready on the AWS Marketplace. All it takes is a simple login to your AWS account, and you can acquire Resmo subscription plans directly through AWS Marketplace. Even better, your subscription charges will be seamlessly incorporated into your usual AWS bill. Learn more.

Linear and Jira issue creation right from rule details

You can transform any rule on Resmo into an issue on Jira or Linear, enabling you and your team to stay on top of every crucial security risk. Never let a critical security concern slip through the cracks again. Learn more.

New integrations

Resmo's suite of database integrations

A suite of database integrations

The recent addition of MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and ClickHouse databases will ensure complete visibility over assets, changes, and users on your databases. You can connect your accounts in minutes without needing any agent. Learn more.


We’re thrilled to announce our newest member among Resmo integrations - Firebase! You can now smoothly collect, analyze, and secure your resources and configurations all in one place, promising you a worry-free environment as you create your next big application. Learn more.

Community highlights

In case you missed it...

Overview: Unveiling the Need for Forensic Visibility in Cloud Security

In this webinar, Emre, CEO and founder of Binalyze, discussed the importance of forensic visibility in cloud security and how it can assist in protecting your digital assets.

AWS Community Day Turkey Recap: A Resmo Perspective

The AWS Community Day Turkey, organized by Cloud and Serverless Turkey, was a vibrant event that attracted over 400 tech enthusiasts from all walks of life. As the Resmo team, we were thrilled to participate in this grand event, where we had the opportunity to engage, learn, and share.

What is Third-Party Risk Management? TPRM Explained

For any organization dependent on outside vendors or service providers to carry out its operations, managing third-party risk is of paramount importance. If these risks are not effectively handled, the organization could face serious financial, reputational, and legal repercussions.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

CTEM is all about staying ahead in cybersecurity by constantly finding and dealing with possible threats. In this article, we talk about what makes Continuous Threat Exposure Management important and how it helps businesses adapt to changing situations.

Upcoming events

Meet Resmo at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

June 5-7, 2023, National Harbor, MD

Come together with Security and Risk Management executives from around the world at the eagerly awaited Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit! Resmo takes great pride in being an active member of this vibrant community, dedicated to forging fresh connections and strengthening existing partnerships.

That's all we had to share from May.

Till next time!

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