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March Edition: Resmo Product Updates and Community Highlights

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Greetings, Resmo community 👋

As the weather warms up and the flowers start to bloom, we hope this newsletter finds you in good spirits and enjoying the spring season. From product releases to community happenings, we've got a lot to cover this month. So, let's jump in and discover all the exciting news that's been brewing at Resmo over the past few weeks.

Key product updates

GitHub security rule detail page UI simplified

Rule Detail Page UI is now simplified and enhanced

We organized and improved Rule detail pages, and now you can use the following features:

🔥 Search bar: Look for information by searching for fields like ID, owner, title, admins, and others.

🔥 Filters for tags and fields: Narrow down the results by selecting specific tags and fields

Zoom CIS Benchmark compliance pack is now available 💙

By utilizing the CIS Benchmarks available on Resmo, you can now assess your security posture and continue to have secure meetings on Zoom without any hassle. The Zoom CIS Benchmark controls cover various security best practices for:

  • Account settings (meetings, recordings, and telephones)
  • IAM management
  • Advanced security and integration settings.

SaaS Discovery is ready to roll

SaaS app usage discovery

Have you tried SaaS Discovery yet? It only takes 5 minutes to set up. 5 minutes to see if your employees are logging into unauthorized SaaS apps.

  • Pinpoint vulnerabilities, such as excessively permissive access rights and weak or repeated passwords.
  • Encourage secure SaaS usage and adoption by providing real-time vulnerability alerts to employees.

Get to know SaaS Discovery in our latest blog post.

Revoke user access directly through SaaS Discovery

revoke SaaS user access permissions

With the latest update in SaaS Discovery, you can now easily revoke users' access to SaaS applications without the need to go through each application individually. This will enable you to remove an employee's access rights quickly.

The following actions can be performed using this feature:

  • From the SaaS Discovery app detail modals, you can revoke Google logins.
  • You can also revoke an employee's access to an app from the SaaS Discovery app detail modal.
  • In addition, you can view and revoke all Google logins associated with an employee from the SaaS Discovery Employee detail modals.

New integrations

new integrations to Resmo

Sophos: By integrating your Sophos account with Resmo, you can now easily monitor all of your assets, including endpoints, users, and rules, in a single, centralized location.

DigitalOcean: Integrate your DigitalOcean account to Resmo for complete visibility, security, and compliance over your assets like apps, CDN endpoints, Kubernetes clusters, and more.

MonoSign: Connect your MonoSign account to Resmo to improve your Identity and Access Management (IAM) practices through complete asset visibility and enhanced security.

Community front

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Resmo and New Relic partnership

New Partnership: Resmo + New Relic

We’re happy to announce that Resmo is now an official partner of New Relic. With this partnership, our customers can expect a higher level of service and support as we work together to optimize their operations and drive business growth.

Upcoming events

Automating CIS Benchmark Assessment for Cloud Providers

automate CIS Benchmark checks

April 5, 2023, 10:00 AM EST - Webinar

Join us for a live demonstration, where we will showcase how to generate reports in mere minutes and leverage actionable insights from the widely-used CIS security framework to drive continuous security improvements.

And that concludes our updates for now.

Till next time!

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