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March Monthly Newsletter - News, product and content updates!

I'm excited to share our first monthly product newsletter. My goal is to keep you up to date with our latest content, product and company updates.

In the last 5 months, we’ve been focusing on our product and getting feedback from our private beta customers. We’ve introduced powerful capabilities such as:

  • Secure, deep and easy to install integrations with AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, GitHub, GitLab, Google Workspace, Slack, Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, New Relic and Opsgenie.
  • SQL based querying for resources and their changes with useful autocomplete on the fly.
  • Out of the box best practices, security and compliance checks.
  • Asset directory to see all resources in one place and query them visually.
  • Flexible notification rule to keep the noise down while delivering high importance alerts at the right time on critical vulnerabilities.
  • Notification channels for email, webhook, Slack and Opsgenie.
  • Resource groups for logical grouping of resources.

On top of these major capabilities, we've focused a lot on our scalability and security to match the high bar demanded by our customers.

Key Milestone

Happy to share our $1.3m pre-seed round by ScaleX Ventures, and our team at Resmo is now a 10 people team! Learn more

New Content

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What is next?

Dashboards are on their way this week. They help you see what's happening across your Cloud and SaaS accounts with some cool visuals. Similar to other features, you have the flexibility to build your own dashboards at no time.

A bunch of cool integrations like Microsoft Azure (yay!), PagerDuty, MongoDB Cloud and DataDog are coming.

We have more coolness coming soon, but saving them for our next month's newsletter. Stay tuned!

We continue working closely with our customers. If you haven't tried Resmo yet, let us know via demo page and we'll be happy to give you access.

Until next month's newsletter, keep rocking!

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