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Launch Week Summary: An Overview of What We Shipped 

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Over the past few months, our team has been tirelessly working to bring you innovative features that will revolutionize the way you work with data and elevate your decision-making processes while using Resmo. Today, we are beyond excited to unveil these game-changing updates, so we wanted to gather all the big launches and announcements in one overview. Spoiler: It’s a lot of new stuff!

1. Resmo Achieves SOC 2 Type I Attestation Report

At Resmo, security is not just a feature but a fundamental principle that guides everything we do. We are thrilled to announce that we have achieved SOC 2 Type I attestation, a significant milestone that demonstrates our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest level of security and compliance. 

This achievement underscores our dedication to protecting your sensitive data and adhering to the stringent standards set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) for the secure handling of customer information and rigorous internal controls.

2. Notebooks: Data-Driven and Visualized Note-Taking

Resmo notebooks

Notebooks serve as dynamic documents that enable you and your team to take notes using a feature-rich text editor, generate data visualizations, and incorporate and execute multiple SQL queries and JavaScript code within a single, unified environment. 

Resmo Notebooks empower you to craft engaging, interactive documents that blend text, SQL queries, and JavaScript code in a secure sandbox, paving the way for comprehensive analysis and data-driven decision-making. 

For instance, you can craft SQL queries to pinpoint potential configuration problems, employ JavaScript to compute metrics or scores and present the outcomes with tables, charts, or interconnected graphs. This streamlines the process of comprehending and optimizing your cloud and SaaS configurations like never before.

3. Stay Ahead with Real-Time Resmo Alerts

Resmo notebooks

We understand the importance of staying informed and taking timely action, which is why we're introducing our new Alerts feature. With Resmo Alerts, you can receive real-time notifications for critical events related to your cloud and SaaS assets through a variety of customizable notification channels. Keep track of security rule status and result changes, data changes, query modifications, and compliance score changes, all tailored to your specific needs.

Alerting comes with flexible notification options, including popular channels like Slack, email, Amazon SNS, Parny, Linear, Jira, or Opsgenie, ensuring you receive crucial updates through your preferred method. Stay ahead of potential issues, maintain compliance, and keep your assets secure with Resmo Alerts.

4. Resmo Introduces a Sleek New Side Navigation Bar

new sidebar

We are excited to unveil the refreshed Resmo UI, featuring a brand-new side navigation bar designed to enhance your user experience. This sleek, intuitive navigation bar allows you to effortlessly browse through Resmo and access the platform's powerful features with ease. The updated interface not only elevates the overall look and feel of Resmo but also streamlines your workflow for maximum productivity. Get ready to navigate Resmo like never before!

5. Receive Resmo Alerts on Jira

We are excited to announce the addition of Jira to our list of notification channels. Now, users can choose to set up Jira as their preferred notification channel to receive Resmo alerts directly within their Jira ecosystem. This seamless integration allows you to stay informed about crucial events related to your cloud and SaaS assets without leaving the familiar Jira interface. By incorporating Jira, we aim to streamline your workflow and ensure that you have access to timely updates through your preferred platform.

6. Get Resmo Alerts on Linear

By setting up Linear as your go-to notification channel, you'll receive Resmo alerts directly within the Linear environment. This seamless integration not only keeps you informed about vital events related to your cloud and SaaS assets but also enhances your workflow within the Linear interface. Our goal in integrating Linear is to cater to your diverse preferences and ensure you stay updated through the platforms that suit you best.

To infinity and beyond

As we continue this incredible journey together, we remain committed to making Resmo the best platform for managing and analyzing your cloud and SaaS assets. These new features are just the beginning. We strive to innovate and evolve alongside your needs, providing you with the most effective tools to drive your data-driven success.

Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us, so please keep them coming. Thank you for being an essential part of the Resmo community.

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