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Resmo July Newsletter: What’s new?

Time flies, indeed. Greetings from our fifth monthly newsletter! We’re back to share a couple of exciting product updates and community highlights from last month. 

Product Updates

The Resources page got a new look and feel

Resources page improvements

Smoother navigation through sidebar: The Resources page now has a collapsible sidebar for faster navigation between your resources.

Resource detail view on modal: When you click on a resource, its details open in a modal, allowing you to quickly browse and travel between resources. Pro tip: hit the escape (ESC) key on your keyboard to close the modal.

Resource summary: Track overall metrics such as the number of resources by integrations and resources categories and see the last visited resources.

Introducing $variables

Variables allow you to define static or dynamic constructs and use them in queries. Our goal is to write reusable queries faster. Available types include string, boolean, number, SQL query, array, and object.

You can create new variables under settings -> variables. ie. You add a variable user, and you can type $user to refer to that construct in your queries.

Custom compliance packs for custom needs

Now, you have the freedom to create your own custom packs by combining a set of rules. As with managed packs, you can utilize continuous controls, compliance scores, and exports. 

  • Organize and automate specific compliance checks based on your needs
  • Save your teams’ time, boosting productivity in the long run. Learn more.

Pack exports

pack exports

You can easily generate detailed exports of your compliance reports, including rule details, results, and suppressions.

  • Export in HTML and PDF formats
  • Receive the export link via email
  • Find previous exports logged right on your pack detail pages>Export tab.

Saving point-in-time exports can come in handy in cases like comparing periodic compliance checks, keeping track, or sharing the results with users outside Resmo. Learn more.

Resmo 💙 Snowflake

Snowflake is a popular cloud data platform and is now the latest addition to our integrated tools. With agentless, one-click integration, you can start querying your Snowflake resources, including databases, tables, warehouses, and schemas. Learn more.

Community front

How-to Guide: Resmo Notification Rules

Notification rules are a must-use feature on Resmo. By setting up notification rules, you can ensure that no vulnerabilities or misconfigurations go unnoticed. This article will give you a headstart on how to make the most of Resmo notification rules.

What is Multi-Cloud? The Security Challenges It Brings

Multi-cloud has been an ongoing trend as it sparked new benefits for businesses using cloud computing. Modern organizations adopt multiple clouds to reap the benefits of leveraging the best solutions from different cloud providers. This article will provide you with a closer look at this trend.

Everything You Need to Know About AWS Assume Role

Using Assume role is one of the best practices when granting external access to your AWS account. AWS Assume role provides temporary security credentials, reducing the risk of exposing your long-term credentials. This article will walk you through the fundamentals.

Resmo attended the fwd:cloudsec and AWS re:Inforce 2022 events

a photo taken during AWS re:inforce cloud security conference

We were in Boston at fwd:cloudsec and AWS re:Inforce 2022 conferences and will give you honest reviews and takeaways soon. Stay tuned!

Till next time!

We have a new, more elaborated changelog page where you can subscribe to receive product updates via email or Slack. Our team’s continuously evolving Resmo to best suit your needs. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback via live chat or email us at

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