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Introducing Resmo File Security: Protect Files from Unauthorized Access

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Today, we're rolling out a groundbreaking product: File Security. This isn't just another update; it's a major leap forward in realizing our vision for complete SaaS security for modern IT security teams. This is how we handle security for cloud-stored documents like Google Drive files.

With File Security, you gain complete control and visibility over your sensitive documents. It's about making sure that the right people have the right access to your cloud documents and that your sensitive data always stays secure yet accessible.

The Need Behind File Security

In 2023, the worldwide average expense for a data breach rose to USD 4.45 million, marking a 15% escalation over the previous three years.

In our journey with Resmo's SaaS Security, we've uncovered some critical challenges that many businesses face in managing their cloud-based documents. Let’s dive into these challenges and see how our new File Security feature is specifically designed to address them.

Unauthorized Access and Data Leakage

It's a tricky problem – how do you keep sensitive information secure while ensuring that it's accessible to the right people? File Security steps in here by providing real-time insights into document access. It's like having a vigilant guard who constantly monitors who's looking at your data, ensuring that only authorized eyes see your sensitive information. 

Note: Resmo values your privacy and confidentiality. Our File Security tool does not access or view the contents of your files. Its sole purpose is to help you monitor access permissions and track any changes made to your documents, ensuring your data remains private and secure.

Complexity in Managing Permissions

Another headache for administrators is the complexity of managing permissions across numerous documents and users. File Security makes this process a breeze. With File Security, administrators can easily control who can view or edit documents, reducing the time and effort spent on these tasks.

Risk of Manual Oversight

We're all human, and mistakes happen, especially when managing a large number of documents. File Security helps mitigate this risk by automating access controls and sending alerts for potential security breaches.

A Closer Look at Resmo’s File Security Solution

We understand these challenges and have developed File Security to address them head-on. It’s tailored for modern businesses that rely heavily on cloud document storage and file-sharing services like Google Drive, soon to be extended to OneDrive and DocuSign.

Core Features of File Security

  • Visibility and Access Management: File Security allows you to see who has access to your data and at what times. This level of visibility is crucial in preventing unauthorized access and managing document sharing within your organization.
  • Quick Revocation of Unauthorized Access: In the event of noticing unauthorized access, File Security enables you to act swiftly, revoking access rights almost instantly. This feature is particularly valuable during employee offboarding, ensuring that departing personnel don't retain access to sensitive corporate data.
  • Ongoing External Access: Keep track of and resolve unauthorized external account permissions and monitor, authorize or unauthorized domains that pose a risk of data breaches.
  • Empowering End-Users: File Security allows the delegation of access control to end-users, fostering a proactive security culture. It reduces the workload on your IT team and empowers employees to be guardians of their own data, especially with Resmo's ChatOps feature integrating with tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams for automated notifications.
  • Streamlined Offboarding: The process of revoking document access during employee transitions is made seamless, reducing the time and effort significantly.
  • Domain Interaction Control: File Security enables you to restrict interactions to trusted domains, preventing data leaks to hazardous external domains.
  • Detailed Audit Logs: The feature provides detailed audit logs, capturing every action, actor, and alteration related to your documents. This data is invaluable for investigating security incidents and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Find Who is Accessing Your Company Documents

We invite you to experience the difference that File Security can make in your organization. Explore its features, experience its benefits, and see for yourself how it can transform your approach to document security.

Schedule a demo to get answers to your questions and see a personalized walkthrough. 👇

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