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Alerting: A New and Enhanced Way of Getting Resmo Security Alerts

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In today's fast-paced digital landscape, ensuring the security and compliance of your cloud and SaaS assets is more crucial than ever. To help you stay proactive and informed, we're excited to announce the launch of Resmo's new Alerting feature. This powerful addition empowers you to receive real-time alerts for security rule changes, asset modifications, query updates, and compliance scores, allowing you to swiftly address any potential issues.

For instance, imagine detecting a security rule change that warns about S3 bucket exposure to the public or identifying a new cloud asset that's misconfigured, potentially leaving sensitive data vulnerable. With the Alerting feature, you can stay ahead of such risks and maintain a robust security posture for your organization.

Alert types

alert type

Resmo's Alerting feature offers four types of customizable alerts:

Rule: Get alerts on the status and the result of a rule change.

Change: Receive alerts when new data is added, deleted, or fields change.

Query: Get alerts on any update on the query result.

Compliance: Receive alerts when a score of pack crosses a threshold.

What the new Alerts offer to Resmo users

Understand changes in detail, over time

The Alert Detail pages feature a visually engaging bar chart that showcases the frequency and timing of triggered alerts within a specified time period. This allows users to gain a clear understanding of how their alerts have performed over time, revealing trends and patterns that can inform future security and compliance strategies.

Additionally, the Alert Detail pages present a comprehensive table below the bar chart, displaying grouped data for the chosen time frame. To access in-depth information about each data point, users can simply expand the corresponding data row, revealing the granular details that contribute to the overall alert history. 

This combination of high-level overview and detailed insights empowers users to effectively analyze and adapt their alert configurations to better protect their cloud and SaaS assets.

security alert table

Receive via your favorite notification channels

Choose from a range of notification channels for receiving alerts, such as Slack, email, Amazon SNS, Parny, Linear, Jira, or Opsgenie. This ensures that you and your team receive timely updates through the communication channels that work best for you.

Leverage sample alerts

Not sure where to start? Try the Sample Alerts as your starting point for real-time security alerts. Currently, there are three sample alerts you can use directly or configure without much effort. Available sample alerts are as the following:

  • Get alerts via Slack when a JumpCloud device is added.
  • Create an Opsgenie alert when an S3 bucket is deleted.
  • Receive notifications on Slack when a critical security rule has changed.
sample alerts

Stay proactive with Resmo

Resmo's new Alerting feature is designed to help you stay ahead of risks by providing real-time insights and greater control over your cloud and SaaS assets. With this powerful feature, you can proactively address potential issues, ensuring the highest level of security and compliance for your organization.

We're confident that this new feature will be a valuable addition to your Resmo experience. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts! Your feedback is essential as we continue to improve and expand our platform.

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