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Announcing General Availability and Free Plan for Resmo

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I'd like to share two exciting announcements with you today: Resmo is now generally available and we now have a free plan!

First, story time.

As ex-Opsgenie engineers and Atlassian alumni, a year ago, we've decided to take on a big challenge and started Resmo. We knew the problem we wanted to solve. 

We had a lot of AWS accounts and SaaS tools at Opsgenie. After Atlassian's acquisition, our team went through many security and compliance reviews to comply with the high Atlassian standards. It took a long time to handle these requests, but with the right tools, the process could be easier. We did our research and realized even the Cloud provider's native solutions lacked the simplicity and capabilities required to match our needs. 

I've partnered with my cofounder Mustafa to build a complete asset visibility and security solution to help solve this problem.

On day one, we raised our $1.3m pre-seed round and hired a fantastic founding team. Since then, the Resmo team has grown to 11 awesome people - soon 14!

Everyone in our small and focused team worked hard and smart. We put things in front of our users as early as possible while maintaining high standards for UX, flexibility, and security.

While we had a lot of ideas about what our product would look like, we knew that our users would come up with even more creative ideas. So, we talked with many industry leaders, C-levels, and hands-on engineers. Most importantly, our users' feedback was invaluable, and we made numerous iterations on many features based on their feedback.

Over the last year, the product was our main focus but we didn't stop there. We built partnerships with notable companies across the United States and EMEA regions (interested in partnering? Let me know!). 

We now have more than 50 customers actively using Resmo. I’m happy to share that we've exceeded our first-year ARR and paid customer goals!

The cool part is many of our users connect at least five integrations - on average, 11. 

Last but not least, security is built into the DNA of Resmo as a core value. Since day one, we have implemented many best practices to live up to our promise. We took security awareness training & reviews, built a detailed trust page, and spent time perfecting our infrastructure. We integrate with read-only access for integrations to increase trust even further. We offer SSO and built-in 2FA. Most significantly, we are about to get our SOC2 Type 1 report in our first year!

After 40 integrations (yes, 40!) with your favorite software and at least five change log entries every sprint, we are ready to move on to our next phase: the GA.

The General Availability (GA)

With the GA announcement, you can expect the highest stability, performance, support, and security readiness on our side. 

We strive to offer a SaaS platform that customers will enjoy using every day. The GA is our commitment to providing the high level of service expected by our customers.

At Resmo, we simplify asset visibility for modern teams. Even small startups use at least 30 SaaS tools and combined with cloud accounts, it's difficult to get visibility into what you have and is impossible to secure. We drastically simplify this with Resmo and create a tool fellow DevOps and security engineers would love.

We've made a lot of big announcements over the month leading up to GA. Here are some of the recently announced ones:

  • Changes view for time-based stream and filtering for all changes across your tools
  • Graph view for resource relationship visualization
  • Users dashboard to track all user data in one place
  • Free text search for free-form queries -  we still love SQL!
  • More integrations, queries, security rules and compliance packs

See the Resmo change log to learn about the latest product features, improvements, and announcements.

The Free plan

To crown the GA with good news, we made the free plan available to our lovely community. All the core features are now free for everyone to experience Resmo. 🎊

Until now, if your organization wanted to use Resmo, you had to subscribe to paid plans once your free trial ended. But we wanted to help small teams and security-minded individuals access cloud & SaaS security at no cost.

Whether you're a startup of one, a non-profit organization, a developer, or a small team, you can leverage Resmo to achieve visibility, security, and compliance across your SaaS and Cloud environments for free. 

For small teams with big ambitions that want to build exceptional products and ship code securely, Resmo can now be connected to existing tools and cloud services. This will enable them to get up and running quickly.

For more information on our Free plan or to compare all price plans, visit the pricing page.

How do I learn more

We're builders. We want to personally show how we help teams like yours—excited to share our first of many webinars: Getting started with Resmo!

Join us live on the 10th of November.

Connect with us

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We're very active on social media. Remember to stay connected on Twitter and LinkedIn.

We're just getting started. Thank you, everyone, for supporting us from day one. Thank you, Resmo team!

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