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February Newsletter: Packed with Product Updates and Community Highlights

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February may be the shortest month, but it certainly wasn’t short on exciting updates! Our team has been busier than a pack of squirrels in a nut factory, working tirelessly to bring you the latest features and improvements. 🐿️ 

Let's dive into what Resmo rolled out last month, along with some exciting community updates you won't want to miss.

Key product updates

tag resources

Adding tags to resources made quicker and easier

Create, select, or edit tags directly within resource detail modals, and new tags you create within resource details will automatically be added to the tags filter on your Resources page. Learn more.

Parny notification channel is now available

You can now configure Parny as a notification channel, allowing you to receive automated notifications to your applications through Parny. To set up the Parny notification, navigate to Settings>Notification Channles>Add Parny. Learn more.

New managed queries for GitHub, Trello, and Google Workspace

For the GitHub integration, new queries have been added that relate to the GitHub App Installation resource. 

  • See GitHub app installations with administrator write permission.
  • Find GitHub app installations with secrets access.

For the Trello integration, new queries have been added that enable you to:

  • Detect externally shared Trello boards.
  • Identify Trello power-ups that are not compliant with privacy standards.

For the Google Workspace integration, new queries related to the Chrome Browser Extension resource have been added. 

  • See Chrome extensions with webRequest permission.
  • View installed Chrome extensions. 
  • Learn more.

See our changelog to stay up to date with the latest feature and integration rollouts on Resmo.

Google Workspace security dashoard

Google Workspace Security Overview dashboard template 

Plug-and-play dashboard templates have a new addition! The latest template is the Google Workspace Security Overview dashboard. This template will give you a comprehensive overview of your workspace's security status in no time, including quick insights about the following. Learn more.

  • Over-permissive logins with Google
  • Chrome extensions with webRequest permission 
  • Installed extensions
  • Logins with Google scopes
  • Logins with Google applications

New integrations

new integrations on Resmo

Mixpanel: You can now seamlessly integrate Mixpanel with Resmo to collect and secure assets like schemas, pipelines, and users. With Resmo, you can ensure that the analytics data you gather with Mixpanel remains secure, transparent, and compliant. Visit the integration guide.

Other notable integrations released in February are:

Community front

Announcing: Resmo is now an Official CIS Product Vendor

Exciting news for Resmo users! We're now a Center for Internet Security (CIS) product vendor, which means we can access the latest cybersecurity tools and resources to keep your assets safe from cyber threats.

What is SaaS Governance? Why You Need It

As more and more businesses rely on SaaS apps to keep their operations running smoothly, having a solid SaaS Governance strategy has become more important than ever. This article focuses on what it is and the best practices for it.

A Closer Look at API Key Security

APIs are important gatekeepers to valuable data and resources in today's digital world, but their increased reliance comes with increased responsibility to secure them. Learn API security best practices to protect data and keep organizations safe.

Overview: Building a Secure and Scalable Developer Experience

Through developer communities, companies can generate revenue streams and opportunities by leveraging their APIs, but that is a challenging thing to do. Serhat Can, co-founder and CEO at Resmo, discussed what it takes to build such communities that thrive with APIs optimized for developers in our recent webinar.

Upcoming events

Engineering-led Cost Optimization for Cloud - Webinar

Engineering-led Cost Optimization for Cloud - Webinar

March 3, 2023, 01:00 PM EST 

Erik Peterson, founder and CTO/CISO at CloudZero, and his team assist cloud-native companies in optimizing their cloud costs with their cost intelligence platform. In this webinar, Serhat, co-founder and CEO at Resmo, will discuss engineering-led approaches to cloud cost optimization. Save your spot.

AWS Cloud Security Community Day 2023 - Conference

AWS Cloud Security Community Day 2023 - Conference

March 17, 2023 - Computer History Museum 1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043

The AWS Cloud Security Community Day is an event that gathers expert users and industry leaders to share their knowledge and experience through a variety of activities such as talks, technical and business discussions, and workshops.

Serhat Can from Resmo will be attending the conference as a speaker. If you have a chance to attend the event in person, come say hi. Register the event.

That's all we had to share.

All the best! 🤗

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