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We’ll be at fwd:cloudsec and AWS re:Inforce 2022 in Boston!

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If you are an event nerd (because so are we) and interested in cloud security, compliance, privacy, identity, and AWS, you shouldn’t miss fwd: cloudsec and AWS re:Inforce. They will soon take place in Boston, respectively. The conferences will cover interactive educational content and actionable best practices your business can adopt or benefit from. 

If you are going to be attending fwd:cloudsec or AWS re:Inforce in Boston, and want to say hi, send an email at mustafa(at) or reach out to us on Twitter @resmoio.

The best part is if you’ve already secured your tickets, you'll have a chance to meet industry experts, developers, and many other like-minded people. Resmo will also be there in person; if you catch one of us in a Resmo t-shirt, come and say hi! 

So, what are fwd:cloudsec and AWS re:Inforce? Here’s a quick overview of both.

AWS re:Inforce 2022

AWS re:Inforce 2022

What is AWS re:Inforce?

AWS re:Inforce is an annual AWS conference focusing on cloud security, compliance, identity, and privacy, including the latest advancements. The event attracts various cybersecurity professionals and cybersecurity software companies around the world. The featured perks include access to numerous technical and business sessions, a keynote highlighting AWS Security leadership, and an AWS partnership expo called the Security Learning Hub. Learn more.

When and where will AWS re:Inforce 2022 take place?

This year, the AWS re:Inforce conference will take place in Boston, Massachusetts, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (415 Summer St., Boston, MA 02210) on July 26-27.

Who should attend the AWS re:Inforce 2022 conference?

Anyone interested in compliance, cloud security, identity, and privacy can find the event informative, helpful, and an excellent networking opportunity. Both technical and non-technical attendees at any stage of cloud usage can learn from AWS re:Inforce. Professionals in the cloud security industry, including engineers, developers, technical decision-makers, system architects, and system administrators, can also expand their knowledge with technical deep dives.

  • Cybersecurity professionals 
  • Cybersecurity software companies
  • System architects and system administrators
  • Anyone interested in event topics

Will there be virtual online access to AWS re:Inforce 2022?

Yes, the keynote leadership sessions will be live-streamed. Some sessions will also be recorded and published online following the event. You can register for the live session from here.

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Fwd:cloudsec 2022

fwd:cloudsec 2022 tweet

What is fwd:cloudsec?

Fwd:cloudsec is an independent and non-profit cloud security conference. This year, the event will be held in person and online. It runs immediately prior to the AWS re:Inforce in Boston on Monday, July 25. Learn more.

What is the format for fwd:cloudsec?

The conference has an approachable stance to encourage attendees to interact with each other in real-time. Both remote and in-person speakers are welcome in the event, within the scope of required themes, tracks, and format. 

Similar to AWS re:Inforce, fwd:cloudsec 2022 will be live-streamed, and hosts will be answering questions from the live audience, as well as from social media and the Cloud Security Forum Slack in real-time. Tickets for fwd:cloudsec 2022 are sold out, but you can find the videos on their YouTube channel once the event kicks off.

Stay up to date!

We’ll be writing more about fwd:cloudsec and AWS re:Invent conferences once they’re over. If you are interested in the key points, stay tuned with the Resmo blog or sign up for our newsletter for biweekly updates.

The recaps for fwd:cloudsec and AWS re:Inforce 2022 are here!

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