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AWS Community Day Turkey Recap: A Resmo Perspective

The AWS Community Day Turkey, organized by Cloud and Serverless Turkey, was a vibrant event that attracted over 400 tech enthusiasts from all walks of life. As the Resmo team, we were thrilled to participate in this grand event, where we had the opportunity to engage, learn, and share. 

It was more than a networking and social gathering; it was a day brimming with enlightening conferences that enriched our understanding and broadened our perspectives on the AWS landscape. 

The conferences kicked off with a keynote speech by Jeff Bar on 'The Unforgettable Next 10 Years.' Following Jeff's captivating speech, a line-up of industry experts took the stage, each bringing unique insights and experiences to the table. These speeches covered a broad spectrum of AWS-related topics, offering something of interest to everyone present at the event.

The speakers shared their knowledge and experiences, providing practical insights and strategies that the audience could apply in their respective fields. Each conference was a learning experience, leaving attendees with new knowledge, fresh ideas, and a renewed enthusiasm for AWS technologies. These conferences were a testament to the depth and diversity of the AWS community, showcasing the many ways AWS tools and services can be leveraged to create innovative solutions.

We've gathered the most memorable moments from an incredible event where we had a blast. It was a great opportunity to connect with participants, engage with our partners, and showcase Resmo in action. The insightful speeches filled us with pride, and overall, it was a truly amazing experience.

Mustafa AkńĪn's Presentation

Our Co-founder and CTO, Mustafa AkńĪn, captivated the audience with an engaging presentation on how Resmo efficiently manages thousands of concurrent jobs through the reliable implementation of the serverless AWS EventBridge schedule service. Mustafa shed light on the challenges of traditional cron-job based job scheduling, a longstanding issue in the industry. His session garnered significant attention, piquing the interest of the audience.

Mustafa AkńĪn Giving Speech at AWS Community Day

Strengthening Bonds: Fostering Meaningful Connections with Our Partners

At the event, we connected with our partners Kloia,, and Sufle. These interactions were a testament to the power of community and collaboration in driving innovative solutions within the AWS ecosystem. We are grateful for these partnerships, and we look forward to future collaborations that will undoubtedly contribute to the continuous growth and development of the AWS community.

Resmo and partners

Resmo Booth: Engaging with Attendees

The Resmo booth was a vibrant hotspot at the event, attracting enthusiastic attendees seeking both fun and valuable insights. We engaged the crowd by hosting an entertaining pop quiz while we took the opportunity to showcase Resmo in action, giving attendees a firsthand glimpse of its capabilities and how it could enhance their AWS experience.

Through captivating demonstrations, we showcased Resmo's powerful features and seamless integration with the AWS ecosystem. Attendees were able to witness its efficiency and effectiveness, leaving them intrigued by the possibilities it offered. We also held a giveaway at the end pf the day, rewarding participants with Resmo water bottles as a token of appreciation for their engagement.

The Resmo booth became a space where attendees not only had fun but also learned about the value Resmo could bring to their AWS workflows. We took pride in sharing our passion and knowledge, building trust, and leaving a lasting impression on the community.

Resmo Booth at AWS Community Day

Team Moments

Beyond the intense discussions and presentations, It was not without its fun moments. As a team, we also had the chance to explore Istanbul, a city that blends rich history with modernity. We took numerous pictures, creating memories that would last a lifetime. The team dinner was a perfect end to a fruitful day as we reflected on the event's successes and looked forward to future opportunities!

Resmo team

Bonus: A Treat for Resmo’s Furry Members

Amidst the exhilarating technology discussions and captivating demonstrations, we made sure our beloved little friends had their fair share of fun. The event proved to be an enjoyable experience not only for us but also for our furry companions. The toys we received from Kloia, one of our esteemed partners, instantly became a hit among our pets. These playful moments infused an extra touch of warmth and cheer after a long day of events. They served as a heartwarming reminder that while we immerse ourselves in the ever-evolving world of tech.

Resmo Pets


AWS Community Day Turkey was a memorable event offering a space to learn, share, and connect. Our participation as the Resmo team was a great experience, and we look forward to the next event. Our gratitude goes out to the organizers, Cloud and Serverless Turkey, for orchestrating such an impactful event and to all the speakers and attendees who contributed to the success of this event. Until next time!

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