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Announcing SaaS Discovery: Find and Secure Employee SaaS Usage

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While it may seem innocent to sign up for a free SaaS tool that makes your job easier, unauthorized and unknown SaaS usage can pose a serious security risk to companies, especially as the number of employees grows. 

To address this issue, we're excited to introduce SaaS Discovery, a powerful addition to its SaaS security capabilities that helps organizations take control of their SaaS stack.

SaaS Discovery is a game-changer for IT and security teams. With just a few simple steps, you can automatically detect every SaaS app your employees use, even those in Shadow IT. SaaS Discovery captures the logins and identifies potential security vulnerabilities such as weak passwords, overly permissive access rights, misconfigurations, and excessive OAuth permissions. 

That's right. No more shady SaaS logins and unknown security gaps in your company. Let's dig a little deeper and discover what SaaS Discovery is and what it offers.

What is SaaS Discovery?

SaaS Discovery enables organizations to automatically detect when an employee signs up or signs in to a SaaS application, even when it is Shadow IT (a.k.a. Unauthorized by the IT or security team.) SaaS Discovery captures the logins through APIs or browser extensions. 

Then, it identifies security vulnerabilities such as:

  • Weak and repetitive passwords
  • Overly permissive access rights
  • Misconfigurations
  • Excessive OAuth permission

Companies can see these security issues and app usage per employee on their Resmo Apps Dashboard and Employees Dashboard, eliminating the blind spots across their SaaS stack.

saas discovery apps dashboard

How does Resmo detect SaaS apps?

Resmo uses Google Workspace and/or browser extensions to capture SaaS logins. Installing the browser extension and setting up the Google Workspace integration as well provides more detailed and specific data. 

In other words, the Resmo admin configures the simple setup steps for SaaS Discovery. Then, Resmo identifies employees in your organization. The admin sends the browser extension installation invitation to employees in one click. Once the employees install the extension on their browser, Resmo starts capturing SaaS logins and displays them on the SaaS Discovery dashboards. 

Currently, Resmo supports Chrome and Edge browsers for SaaS Discovery.

If you have native SaaS integrations in place on Resmo, such as Google Workspace, Figma, Hubspot, Webflow, or GitHub, Resmo uses vendor-provided API connections to discover users and usage. For non-Resmo-integrated applications, the browser extension makes the discovery.

What SaaS Discovery offers

SaaS Discovery helps IT and security teams find and secure every SaaS app employees use. With a comprehensive view of their SaaS ecosystem, organizations can use SaaS Discovery for:

  • Improved security: SaaS Discovery helps companies identify potential security risks like weak passwords, overly permissive access rights, and disabled/not-configured multi-factor authentication (MFA). This helps companies stay ahead of potential threats and ensures their data remains secure.
  • Compliance: SaaS Discovery helps companies stay compliant with various regulations and data protection laws. It ensures they are aware of every SaaS app used by their employees and can take necessary measures to ensure compliance.
  • Visibility: Companies can see all SaaS app logins, whether they are SSO or password logins. Other information, such as last login data, permissions, and browser, is also provided.

Apart from these benefits, Resmo's SaaS Discovery is completely free for an unlimited number of employees and easy to set up and get started. Speaking of the setup, let's take a look at how you can configure SaaS Discovery on Resmo.

Setting up SaaS Discovery on Resmo

Follow the steps below to set up SaaS Discovery on your Resmo account. Visit the documentation for more information.

Step 1: Sign in to Resmo (or sign up for free) and click SaaS Discovery from the navigation bar.

Step 2: Click the configure button from the opening screen.

saas discovery tool

Step 3: Select a directory integration such as Google Workspace or Slack to let Resmo identify your employees.

saas discovery configuraton

Step 4: Invite employees to download the browser extension.

employee saas management configuration

Step 5: Select whether you want to restrict reporting to specific domains. By default, Resmo captures all login activity.

find saas usage

Step 6: Define "inactive timeout" to determine how many days of inactivity will be considered as an inactive device.

Step 7: Enter the support contact email. 

Step 8: Finally, hit the Save button to start discovering SaaS logins across your organization. 

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Start discovering your SaaS landscape

SaaS Discovery sheds light on the SaaS application usage in your workspace. It helps you boost the productivity of your IT and security teams while encouraging secure SaaS adoption for your employees. By signing up to Resmo for free, you can kickstart your SaaS Discovery journey. But don't take our word for it; go ahead and give it a test drive, explorer. 🔎🗺

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