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Announcing Resmo Channel Partner Program

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We are excited to announce that Resmo has launched its Channel Partner Program! Now you can skyrocket your growth with Resmo and join our expanding network. 🚀 Check out the benefits of Resmo's partnership approach by downloading our Partner Program Overview and skimming through it to see what you can expect from the program.

For those we haven't met yet, here's Resmo in a nutshell

In a world where businesses rely more on third-party software tools and cloud workloads are increasing rapidly, cybersecurity threats have become more than a serious concern. As a result, cybersecurity standards applied to individuals and organizations are becoming more complex and challenging to keep up with. Ex-Opsgenie engineers (acquired by Atlassian) Mustafa and Serhat created Resmo to provide a solution for this problem they encountered in their daily work at Atlassian. 

In a short period, Resmo secured pre-seed funding of $1.3 million, grew its customer portfolio, and announced powerful native integrations. Having gained momentum day by day, Resmo recently placed 2nd on Product Hunt! 🥈

Resmo provides organizations with a single platform to view all cyber assets on cloud services and SaaS applications. It comes with key features to keep up with high-security standards. Using Resmo, users can query their assets with custom and managed queries, apply custom and managed rule sets, receive real-time alerts if a breach or vulnerability occurs, and receive compliance reports within seconds. 

As Our integrations and customers are constantly growing thanks to our hard work - we currently have over 50 integrations and 100 customers worldwide.

Channel Partner Program

Why Partner with Us?

Resmo believes in growing together as we expand our partnerships and see the process as an ongoing journey. From the moment we embark, we are committed to supporting our partners throughout the entire process so that we can maximize our potential and skyrocket our growth! 🚀 

Seeing the whole process as a journey, we provide our partners with a roadmap. We built a roadmap that includes technical enablement sessions, sales-focused sessions, and even reoccurring partner meetings so that everyone may know about the next steps in a structured manner.   

We also furnish our partners with some key benefits during the partnership process.  These benefits cover the following:

  • Learning material kit where we gather all the materials our partners will need.
  • The revenue share system and listing on the Resmo website allow us to accelerate our growth together!
  • Technical enablement and sales-focused sessions for our partners to get to know Resmo better.
  • Forever-free Resmo Licensing to let our partners experience Resmo’s amazing features.
  • Recurring gatherings for us to discuss our growth strategies and engage more!

According to Gartner’s Cybersecurity predictions, by 2025, %60 of organizations will use cybersecurity risk as a primary determinant in conducting third-party transactions. Organizations will need tools to monitor and manage their assets and keep up with high-security standards, and the demand for those tools will increase based on these predictions and the status quo. 

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Who Should Apply?

As Resmo, we encourage IT, Security, and DevOps consultancy firms and managed service providers (“MSSP”) to apply for our channel partnership program and provide their customers with an all-in-one security solution.

Get in touch with us and let’s grow together!

Final Words

Through Resmo's Channel Partner Program, you can achieve your goals in a structured and guided manner! To make our partnership mutually fruitful, we guide our partners through every step of their process and provide them with key benefits. This is why we offer our partners a full-stack learning experience, co-growth opportunities, strategy sessions to expand together, and everything else we think of to smooth the process, even a forever-free Resmo license!

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